Weekend Coffee Share: After a Long Weekend

Join us for some coffee time!

If we were having coffee, I would apologise for not meeting with you earlier. The past week has been a little crazy. School has ended (yahoo!), my husband has returned home, and I have been resting during a heat wave.

Last week was our final week at school before the summer break. It was bittersweet because while we were all glad with the start of the school break and the chance to rest, we were also sad to say goodbye to teachers that had been surplussed (I had worked with one of them) and to our principal (who was moving onto a new school). During the week I pushed through my fatigue and put away things in my classroom (summer school is happening in my room) so that I could finish soon after our staff meeting on Friday. A few of my students had already left for their vacation so the number of kids in my room was low. While they played board games and worked on some activities, I worked at making sure everything was sent home and tidied up in the room.

We had our staff party on Thursday evening at which we said goodbye to all those people who were leaving us. The weather was perfect for sitting outside. I enjoyed chatting to some of my colleagues – we really should get together like this more often and get to know one another as people instead of working alone in our classrooms. The evening ended on a sad note. I will, however, see my mentee during the break once we have both gone away on our vacation.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that we met our new principal on Friday. We will see how it goes with her. Her personality is definitely different to our previous principal and the vibe at the staff meeting was not the same. It is certainly stressful to begin again with someone new – and have to prove oneself all over again.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that we went to pick up my husband from the airport on Friday evening. It was good seeing him arrive safely, and to have him back at home. Sunday night dinner was great – he cooked, giving me a break, and the tastes and flavours were yummy. As my daughter said, we had missed eating his food 🙂

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that on Saturday we went to help our son pack up a little as he is moving to Vancouver in August. Another change that is bittersweet. We are pleased that the move means a step forward in his career, but are sad that he will no longer be near us and we will no longer see him every weekend for dinner. At least we will get to spend some solid time with him during our family vacation before he leaves Toronto.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that we have been experiencing a heat wave since Friday. The extreme heat is very tiring and discourages one from doing anything. The country celebrated Canada Day this weekend. but the heat discouraged me from going out to celebrate. Instead we stayed at home near the fans!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I intend to do a lot of reading and relaxing during the first week of my summer break. Hope you have a good week too.

What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2018

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16 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: After a Long Weekend

  1. Hi – if we were having coffee I would ay make mine iced….
    because the heat wave is here in Virginia too.

    wanted to do a little in garden and need to postpone it.

    best wishes to your son and hope you get some nice reading and R& R

    oh and with the new principal – I know exactly what you mean with starting new like that.
    It also comes with them trying to prove their skills and sometimes they have agendas that we need to wait it out through – ** sigh **
    but on a positive note wanted to add that some businesses stit up leadership change on purpose because it has been shown to be very good for an organization.
    Similar to water that gets stagnant in a cess pool, sometimes businesses need a little flow and change.
    but not too much of morale and attitudes suffer.

    anyhow, hope you have a nice day…

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    1. I would join you with the iced tea – with plenty of ice added!
      Hope it is starting to cool down a little in your part of the world – here a very teeny little bit.
      Our principal was with us for only 4 years – not near
      Y long enough I think. People were just getting used to her and adapting, and then the change. We can wait and see what happens but only time will tell. The morale of the staff will depend on how she relates to the staff.

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      1. well you are so right that 4 years was still getting acclimated – esp. in a school environment.

        and yes – a little (tiny bit like you noted) it is cooling down – so cheers to the iced options

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  2. If we were having a beverage, I would say that we are having a heat wave too in the UK. I live in the East of England not far from London and we have had tempertures in the high 20’s 28,29 and even 30 and 31 degrees centigrade, we have had this for two weeks and we haven’t had any rain for 5 weeks. Personally I don’t like it when the thermometer goes above 25, and because of the long days and short nights it doesn’t cool down at night and I don’t feel like I have had a proper nights sleep for weeks. Having moaned about the weather (Like a typical Brit) all things being said, things are OK.
    I bought two new pet chickens, named Maggie and Esmerelda, and introduced them to my old girls, Adelaide and Angelica. There were major tribulations as they established their new pecking order and Maggie, who is currently the smallest and most timid, has ended up on the bottom. After two weeks of squawking, things have settled down.
    Have a lovely week.

    All the best 😉

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    1. Canadians are just as bad about the weather. We complain when it is too cold – and when we experience heat waves! Thankfully today is a little cooler – though we still need to hav another shower half an hour after stepping out of the bathroom!
      Your tale of the chickens reminds me of my uncle who has chickens as pets as well. I am sure you have some funny stories to tell.

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  3. I like to read when I have my coffee, so I’m kinda boring. But, when the caffeine kicks in I’m a Chatty Cathy! Bathroom redo ideas, I want to paint a fun design on my front door, recipes for the 4th (homemade ice cream sounds good!), and good books we’ve read and recommend!

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      1. I think I am going to use chalk paint, layer two colors, sand to reveal the under layer and stencil a design on top. If I don’t like it I can paint over it! Turn her loose, that’s how creative minds need to work!

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