Grateful For Author Event.

Last week Thursday I was lucky enough to be able to attend another author event at Harper Collins Publishing Canada. I was excited to meet the authors as there has been quite a bit of buzz about these books on twitter. The added bonus was that I got to see once again the breathtaking views from the publisher’s offices:

Listening to the authors Karma Brown, Tish Cohen and Uzma Jalaluddin was so interesting. The women had already presented together at other events resulting in joking and gentle teasing. I loved that they made us laugh – and yet were serious when they told us about the inspiration for their stories and spoke a bit about their writing process and supports. The added treat was when they were signing the copies of our books – they chatted personally with us and were not in any rush to leave. Their manner really endeared me to them.

This week I am grateful for the author event organised by Harper Collins Canada. I love getting to meet authors and speaking to others who love books as much as I do.

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