Music Monday: For Me Formidable

This week is our year-end concert and the school is in a flurry of preparation. My class have been practicing their song and dance steps every week for months now and I am hoping that they know it well enough not to get stage fright when they perform in the high school auditorium on Wednesday. The song they will be singing is For Me Formidable as sung by Charles Aznavour.

The dance that has been choreographed to go with it is perfect for this song and I am sure it will wow the parents. As for me, I will be pleased to no longer have this song running in my head.  🙂

Do you enjoy listening to old style songs?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2018

10 thoughts on “Music Monday: For Me Formidable

  1. A beautiful choice Colleen, am sure that once the song begins stage fright will disappear as the Children get meshed into the fun and routine.
    Best wishes or the Kids debut.


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