Favourite Read of the Month: April 2018

During the month of April, I managed to read 7 books for this year’s Book Pledge.

The titles in April are listed below. To read my reviews (if you haven’t already), click on the title in the following list:

  1. Here So Far Away by Hadley Dyer. A YA fiction novel.
  2. My Secret Mother by Phyllis Whitsell. A memoir.
  3. The Good Liar by Catherine McKenzie. A thriller.
  4. Blink by K. L. Slater. A psychological thriller.
  5. The Bookshop on Rosemary Lane. by Ellen Berry. A feel-good novel.
  6. The Little Bakery on Rosemary Lane by Ellen Berry. A feel-good novel.
  7. The Storm by Arif Anwar. A literary type novel.

With the exception of My Secret Mother by Phyllis Whitsell, I enjoyed reading all of the stories I had chosen during the month of April. Looking back, I saw that I had managed to read 7 titles which does suggest that I had read a couple of novels that I could not put down. The Good Liar definitely falls into that category as does Blink. I did enjoy my introduction to Ellen Berry’s writing and savoured her feel-good stories – so much so that I went out and bought the next title in her Rosemary Lane series. I am now eagerly waiting for the next in the series.

For my favourite title this month I cannot help but choose The Bookshop on Rosemary Lane by Ellen Berry. The story may not be as literary as Anwar’s The Storm, or as nail-biting as Slater’s Blink, but I loved it. I moved through the pages quickly, loved the humour in the story, and the connection I felt to the main character. Berry’s story is definitely one I will read again.

What was your favourite read in April? Share your choice, or the link to your post, below.

Favourite Read of the Month:

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