An Abundant Amount of Paper

I spend my work days planning lessons, preparing for my classes, assessing my students’ work, and teaching. Every minute of my day feels jam-packed and there are times when I do not stop for a breather. Tidying up the new activities I have created as well as filing my students’ tasks is a low priority in my day.The time may have come, though, to set some time aside to clear up the teetering piles of paper on my desk.

What does your desk look like where you work?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2018

This post is linked to the WordPress photo challenge. The prompt this week is prolific.)

21 thoughts on “An Abundant Amount of Paper

  1. My desk is quite a disaster as well! In an attempt to organize, I put various things into little baggies with similar items, but I think an organizer or a new shelf might be a better idea!

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  2. Actually, I’ve just cleared up a few piles of paper. I had a few minutes to spare while a video was finalising so it seemed the best thing to do when I couldn’t use the computer. Tidying is always the last job on the list though. 🙂


  3. I so remember my desk looking like that most of the time. Both my desk at school and the one at home. So easy to get distracted by more important things. Bless you. School year is almost over and you can start planning for next year.


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