Traces of the Past: An Old Photo

I connected with my half-brother a few years ago over the internet. I had not met him before, even though I had learned of his existence when a young adult. Now we send messages to one another from time to time and, a couple of weeks ago, he sent me a picture of our dad – a picture that had been given to him by one of his cousins.

I had seen pictures of my dad at this age before in family groups but not a close up. It was strange to see this photo as my memory of him is always of when he was older. The next time I visit South Africa, I will need to check whether my uncle has any more of these treasures put away in a cardboard box.

Do you have any old photos of your dad?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2018

(This post is linked to Paula’s Black and White Sunday)

10 thoughts on “Traces of the Past: An Old Photo

  1. Hello. How are you? I enjoyed this post as I have gone through the same thing only I knew of my sister and brother for a long time. I wasn’r able to speak to them as some one said that they didn’t want anything to do with me. I finally got a hold of them and we speak all the time. I know that we will probably never meet. But hey thats okay. I have told them that I do have information about my father’s parents that I will be sending out to them so they have something to hold on to.


    1. I am thankful for the internet as it has helped me to form a connection with a family member who has been kept hidden from me most of my life.
      It is good that you are willing to share information with your sister and brother. I am sure that they appreciate any tidbits you can share with them.
      Thank you for sharing your own story.

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  2. My father died when I was only 3 months old, Colline. I never knew him. My mother has a few photographs of him.


    1. I was lucky enough to grow up with mine. There are not many photographs of him around – taking pictures did not seem to be such an important thing in those days.


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