Share Your World: A Few Favourites

Been anywhere recently for the first time?

It has been a while since I have been anywhere new. I tend to follow my weekly routine with very few changes. A couple of weeks ago, though, I did venture to a school I had not visited before in order to attend a workshop. This I did with a colleague of mine. Together we took the bus and walked the roads in search of the unknown environment. Both supply teaching and workshop attendance has taken me across the city to many school locations.

List three favorite book characters.

I am an avid book reader and have met many characters in my lifetime.

  1. My absolute favourite character is Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice. No matter how many times I read Jane Austen’s novel, I enjoy the repartee between Elizabeth and Darcy. She definitely grows as a character and learns to recognise her prejudice and her pride.
  2. My second favourite character is Frodo Baggins. I enjoyed Bilbo Baggins when I read The Hobbit  by J.R.R. Tolkien as a pre-teen, and was enamoured by Frodo when I read The Lord of the Rings. I love that he is not what one would expect of a hero. And I cannot help but enjoy the adventures that he goes on.
  3. The third character that springs to mind comes from Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. Miss Haversham and her eccentricities has always intrigued me. I wonder if a modern woman would react as she did to being jilted at the altar.

What is your favorite non alcoholic drink: hot or cold?

I enjoy drinking tea when I want a hot beverage. My cupboard is stacked with tins filled with a variety of tea leaves. I choose my flavour according to my mood. I have a tea I make for work, a tea I drink after supper, one I have during the day. If I am not feeling well, the tea with ginger does wonders. David’s Tea often sees me walking through the doors to refill my canisters.

To drink something cool, or when I am very thirsty, I down a glass of water at room temperature.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?

I appreciate the people who offer workshops for children. They come into the school and help teachers make a unit of learning interesting for the students. Last week I had a person come in to do a woodworking workshop; this week another is coming in to introduce living things to my class in the form of bugs. The children love these workshops and so do I.

041514 sywbannerWhat would you answer to any of these questions?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2018

(This post is linked to Cee’s Share Your World weekly challenge). 

8 thoughts on “Share Your World: A Few Favourites

  1. My favourite thing to drink is Hot Tea with milk, brewed in a proper tea pot in the traditional English fashion. I am also drinking a glass of boiled water with a cap full of Apple Cider Vinegar in it. I am rather enjoying that.
    One of my favourite literary characters is Santiago in Paulo Coelho’s book The Alchemist. He gives up everything so he can go on a journey to find treasure, only to find a greater treasure along the way.


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