Book Review: George and Lizzie by Nancy Pearl

I picked up George and Lizzie by Nancy Pearl at the library and, when I sat down to read it, realised I had confused this story with another. I decided to read it anyway as it sounded interesting although it was not normally my subject choice.

The novel is about Lizzie’s relationship with George, the man she eventually married. Lizzie marries George, and yet she keeps thinking about a boyfriend who had broken her heart in her first year of college. She continuously looks back to the past – an action which is mirrored in the novel as we read about the ‘Great Game’ she participated in during her senior year at high school (having sex with members of the football team). The reader gets the sense that not only has she not moved on from her relationship with Jack, but she has also not accepted her participation in her high school goal.

While reading the novel, I did feel a little sorry for the main character. After all, she had parents who showed no interest in her since the moment she was born; and who treated her as one of their lab rats (they were behavioural psychologists). There were many moments, though, when I wished she would move on – the never-ending references to the boys in the football team she had had sex with, and the continual search for Jack, do get a bit tedious. This is a woman who does not appreciate what she has – a marriage to someone who is stable, loyal, and who loves her.

The quotes on the cover page state the book ‘overflows with humor’, is ‘rich’ and ‘illuminating’. I disagree with these adjectives even though the book is well written. I would not recommend reading George and Lizzie. There are so many books out there that would bring much more enjoyment to a reader.

Do you pay attention to the quoted reviews on the cover when you choose a novel?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2018

(This novel was the 18th in my 50 book pledge for 2018)

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