Grateful for Winter Boots

In 2017 when the Winter season began, I went shopping for appropriate boots. My success in the past with winter boots has been hit and miss and I was looking to improve my success rate. I searched for boots like the ones I had enjoyed a few years back but, alas, that brand did not have long, flat-heeled offerings. Browsing the shelves of the shoe store, I came upon a pair made in Australia. Now I am not a fan of Uggs as they tend to look grungy as winter wears on – but this pair looked warm and hard-wearing. Ugg has called them Koolaburras and they definitely looked warm.

These fur-lined boots have kept my feet warm and protected them for many hours out in the cold during sub-zero temperatures. Standing outside for playground duty has not been a problem for my feet, nor has walking to the supermarket. I have been happy with my purchase and hope that these boots will last a couple of more winter seasons.

This week I am grateful for my hardy winter boots that are lined with sheep fur. They have protected and warmed my feet during the cold and snowy days this past winter.

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35 thoughts on “Grateful for Winter Boots

  1. I wore my “snow boots” BOGS yesterday here in Florida. I bought them in Kansas for snow. I kept them. I love them now for wading in our backyard spring. I was able to keep my feet warm and dry! I’m glad you found a good pair of boots for this season…perhaps they will last next winter also. πŸ™‚


  2. Boots are important. And standing for playground duty – brrr.. Need to keep moving to stay warm. I had been using my good hiking boots so I picked up snow boots for shoveling in February. I didn’t think I’d need them the rest of the winter. How wrong I was πŸ˜‰


  3. such a nice think to appreciate – and the fur lining – well love that and last week someone was talking about how as a child – they used bread bags in their boots when playing in the snow. we did it too? did you ever? but it was before the modern tech boots came out – nowadays there are many dry options – and even furry-lined – hahahha


  4. It’s so important to have good, comfortable foot wear. Good for you! Truly something to be grateful for. I love having few things of really good quality, compared to lots of fashion items of poor quality.


      1. Nope … I don’t compete … strictly a social dancer. The story in short. The DJ called a mixer (changing partners). I eventually ended with a lady I had seen before, but never spoken to – let alone danced with. It was a waltz and I immediately sensed we were locked in. At the next partner change, I asked if I could keep her – and she agreed. We danced a full waltz later in the evening. The connection was strong and it was a memorable dance – especially considering we had so little experience together. One week later (last night), both of us were there. We danced a lot, and well together. We gushed over each other. I told her about the conversation I had with my instructor after last weekend. She told me she had a similar conversation with her instructor! Simply the power of connection that dance can give (as you know). There were more stories to last weekend that made it so good …. and even more this weekend. Simply euphoric!


          1. We looked at each other in amazement and appreciation while admitting the specialness. As you know – that’s what dance can do. She also told other at her table to dance with me …. and the connections were strong there too. Last night was a string of first-time dances that were fun and special.

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              1. Simply put, in the past 8 days I had some remarkable dance experiences around connection. Yes – unquestionably some of the best ever. Last week my instructor said, “All that in one night?” … and then last night was another. Kind of a dance nirvana.


  5. I (and my feet) have reached an age when we refuse to wear uncomfortable footwear, and a good pair of boots is definitely a good investment, but I too hope they will soon be in the back of the closet!


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