Weekend Coffee Share: The Start of a Break

wordswag_15073188796611453091488.pngIf we were having coffee, I would greet you with a smile on my face even though I had one hour less sleep last night (yes, the clocks have moved forward). I am smiling because it is March break and schools are out for a week. I look forward to a week of taking things slowly, of reading, and of resting.

The week leading up to March break was busy. Surprisingly, the children were not too excited and we were able to get quite a bit of work done. I held off on starting something new in Math and instead focused a bit more than usual on Science. When we return to school from the break, I want to encourage the children to do some building. They will build a simple bridge with popsicle sticks. I have some wheels and just need to figure out how to build something with them using an axle of some sort. Any tips?

On Friday, the last day of school before the break, we had our spirit day. All children – and some teachers – arrived at school wearing their pajamas. The children in my class brought their stuffed animals as well – and some even brought their blankies.

In the afternoon, a film was shown in the gym. I gave my class the option of watching a film in our room – an option which was taken (most of us did not want to have to deal with a noisy gym). Once we had watched for 45 minutes, I gave the children the opportunity to play if they had completed all of their tasks for the week. While they were playing, I tidied up the room. At the end of the day I locked the door to a clean room that is ready to greet all of us when we return to school in a week’s time.

As I am writing this post, I find myself yawning. I think it is time for a little nap to catch up on the hour of sleep I missed last night. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

ยฉ Colline Kook-Chun, 2018

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17 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: The Start of a Break

  1. If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I admire your skill at planning ahead and willingness to do what is best for your students even if it’s different from the rest of the school. Enjoy your week off!


  2. The first thing that comes to mind are wooden kebab skewers, should have them at the grocery store, would that work for an axle? How nice to know that you’ll return to a tidy classroom. Enjoy your time off!

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    1. That is a good idea, thank you. I can then get them to make some kind of platform with card and viola, they will have the basics for some kind of vehicle. ๐Ÿ˜Š


  3. I hope you have a lovely and restful break, Colline. Michael and I made a car from a small empty plastic Coke bottle. We used a sosatie stick for the axle and Coke bottle lids for the wheels. The axle was free to turn but the wheels were not – it was a bit easier that way. It worked quite well.


    1. That is a good idea Robbie – I could use the plastic water bottles as well. I think I need to send an email to parents as soon as we get back to school ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Hi Colline,
    Funny you should mention b ridge building because my 14 year old son had to design a bridge using a computer program for his Istem class and apparently topped his class by building the cheapest bridge. Not sure whether that sounds ideal as a user but great in theory. He’d win the contract. Thought you might find this info about a bridge built by a relative of mine in Sydney back around the 1890s. https://www.livinglocalguide.com.au/the-long-gully-bridge/
    Well, I’d better get off to bed.
    Best wishes,

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