Share Your World: A Brief Look into the Past

What are you reading right now?

This morning I picked up a new read to begin today – The Illegal by Lawrence Hill. I bought this book over the Christmas period last year and placed it on my TBR pile. It is my intention this year to read as many of the unread books lining my shelves as I can. My visits to the library therefore need to be limited – it is difficult not to turn in its direction as I pass the building while on my errands!

What was your first adult job?

The OK Bazaars at Eloff and Pritchard Street. ©

My first job ever was when I was 18. I had just completed high school and was eagerly waiting to begin university  in February (in South Africa the final exams for grade 12s finish near the end of November). My mom had heard that there were cashier jobs available at the OK Bazaars, a department store at that time. The store was the large one in Eloff street in the centre of Johannesburg. When I arrived, the hallway was filled with young hopefuls eager to begin work during the Christmas season. The resume which I gripped in my hand turned out to be unnecessary. The woman hiring came through the crowd and randomly picked out people as she passed. Luckily, I was one of them. My first job experience was a tiring one – I stood for 8 hours a day ringing up purchases during the busiest time of the year. My supervisor was happy with me as she kept me on for a month after Christmas to work for the Back to School purchases (the school year in South Africa begins in January). My experience working at the store where we used to shop was a positive one. Never again, however, did I work as a cashier.

 What’s your favorite breakfast cereal?

Image result for pronutroGrowing up, I remember my mom cooking us porridge for breakfast. As we got older, she began buying Rice Krispies and Cornflakes. We did love these cereals but the best, for me, was Pronutro. Pronutro is a South African instant cereal that is maize-based. I loved eating the plain whole wheat one. I would mix in not only milk, but flavoured yogurt as well. This tasty cereal would fill me up until lunch time and keep me going until long after noon. Now that I live in Canada, I am unable to buy my favourite cereal from the supermarket. Every time I go to South Africa, however, I eat Pronutro for breakfast.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  

The milder weather during the past week definitely made me smile – and many other people walking on the streets in the city. It is such a pleasure to leave my boots at home and walk hatless for a bit. I love that another winter is nearly over, and that the birds are chirping early in the mornings.

041514 sywbannerWhat would you answer to any of these questions?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2018

(This post is linked to Cee’s Share Your World weekly challenge). 

10 thoughts on “Share Your World: A Brief Look into the Past

  1. Last week our weather was horrible. We had snow a few times (very little, but still snow). This week is still cold but we are warm enough to have our rain back. 😀 Thanks for sharing Colline. 😀


  2. Interesting, Colline. My first job was at Spar and was very similar to yours. I remember that I had long, painted fingernails. I was working in the deli and we had to slice meat using a slicing machine. After I packed up one order I discovered I had sliced off one of my purple painted long nails. It must have ended up in the meat package. My goodness I was worried about that.


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