Playtime Structure

This year I have a group of three grade 1s who are focused when working and finish their tasks ahead of everyone. From time to time I give them the opportunity to play with the blocks, and each time they build something intricate. Last week Friday I captured the beginnings of one of their structures.

Soon I will give them the opportunity to build for our Science inquiry. I look forward to seeing what they can build with the blocks and materials I will offer them in class.

Black-&-White-BannerDo you know anyone who enjoys building with blocks?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2018

(This post is linked to Cee’s Black and White Photo challenge. The topic this week is Structure.). 

10 thoughts on “Playtime Structure

  1. Building with blocks is a great activity for many reasons; including, language development, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness and perception, planning, accepting mistakes, and trying again. I look forward to seeing their science constructions.


      1. My sons could spend hours building intricate structures. Their play paid off. Oldest son majored in math and computer science, middle son was an architect, and youngest is a systems engineer.

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