The Changing Seasons: February 2018

During the month of February, we experienced quite a bit of snow. Many mornings when I opened the curtains, I would be greeted by the following scene:

Early Morning Cityscape during Winter © Colline Kook-Chun, 2018

The air outside looked chilly – and it was. Each morning we bundled up in layers and trudged to our destinations. The playground at the school where I work was covered in snow. Icicles dropped down from the eaves. Winter seemed set to stay.

We did enjoy the snow while we had it, though. The crisp air and the pristine whiteness of the winter landscape is always a pleasure to behold.

February is almost over – and it appears that winter may be too. The last few days the temperatures have been mild and the rain has washed away the last remaining snow and ice. I am looking forward to the change and look forward to storing my winter boots.

What weather did you experience during February?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2018

(This post was inspired by the Monthly Challenge: The Changing Seasons)

18 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons: February 2018

  1. I love winter and snow in wintertime. We are having a bit of rain here in Woodstock NY, although there was snow a few days back. It is starting to be maple sugaring season, with freezing at night but warmer during the day. We’ll see how it lasts or changes or both.

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  2. I’d be tempted to close the curtains again, Colline 🙂 🙂 I think they’re getting a last flurry of snow in England this week, and am hoping for Spring when we get back next month.


    1. There is a beauty to it though Jo. 🙂
      We feel like we are experiencing spring at the moment. However, we normally have a cold snap – and even some snow – before spring settles in. Snow is predicted for next week then hopefully after that it will stay mild.


  3. Hard to imagine waking to those scenes Colline, here we are still mid Summer with Birds standing in line for the Bird bath for a drink, Chooks laying hard boiled eggs and farmers feeding their stock ice cubes to cool them down, so I predict there will be no snow on the horizon here for quite some time.


  4. Ha! Good job your schools aren’t closed every time you have a fall of snow or they’d never be open during your winter! We have had a very unexpected fall of snow and Arctic temperatures even in the south-west of England, I fear my tender plants will not recover. BTW Colline, Su Leslie hosts this challenge now, not Max, so you might want to link to her site so she can add your post to the list as Max used to do.


    1. Our schools are very seldom closed due to snowfall. We have been here 13 years and it has closed down for only 1 day!
      Thanks for the tip on the host Jude – I will head over there now and update my post 🙂

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