Music Monday: Gregg Le Rock

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Last week Wednesday I went on a school field trip with my class and all the other grade 1 classes to a concert. We went to see Gregg Le Rock, a Canadian musician who writes and sings French songs aimed at school children who are learning French. To prepare them for the concert, I teach the children the songs beforehand and we practise singing them every morning. I will share with you a few favourites. The videos have been made with French subtitles, and the pictures have been deliberately chosen to show the meaning of the lyrics.

The first song I teach them every year is the one on Terry Fox. It is a perfect song for when we run to raise money for cancer; and it is a song that teaches them about endurance.

This year, the favourite of my class was Dans Ma Maison, a song which lists all the furniture that can be found in a house:

The children enjoyed singing to Ecoutons La Radio. At the concert this was the second song Gregg Le Rock sang – and he sang it with a different rhythm. Loved it!

But the vibe was the best for the song Montrez-Moi Vos Mains. I loved seeing my students wave their hands while the musician was singing.

And which Canadian would not love the song Au Canada. We certainly do!

The children enjoyed their concert-going experience and stepped off of the school bus into the school singing Gregg Le Rock’s songs.

Have you been to a concert held by a musician of children’s songs?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2018

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