Fitbit Stats

About two weeks ago I received an email from Fitbit telling me a bit about my achievements for 2017. The numbers reflect my stats from about mid-May (I received my Fitbit device for Mother’s Day)

The stats are interesting to see but, as I look at them, they are just numbers to me with no meaning. What I do see, though, is the effort that I have put into moving my body. Hopefully I can continue with my goal to increase my physical activity so that it can impact on my weight loss. I guess next year’s stats will show me how much I have increased the number of steps I have taken as well as the amount of calories that I have burned.

If you use a Fitbit, how do your stats compare?

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8 thoughts on “Fitbit Stats

  1. Bravo, Colline. I had a Fitbit, but lost it in a move. After a few months of using one, I can estimate if I’ve done too few steps and can make up for it. It’s not precise, but that’s fine for me. Keep up the good work.

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  2. My Wife and I bought each other Fitbits for Christmas – might have some stats for you next year 😉 I tend to aim more for the 5 days of exercise each week as 10000 steps each day is a bit more challenging when you have retired (no commute to boost the stats). I think the Fitbit is very handy to keep you motivated – it’s all too easy to slack off without realising is you haven’t got a ‘spy in the cab’ 😉


  3. I just upgraded from my Garmin to a Fitbit! It’s, by far, the best decision I’ve had for 2018. My officemates and I have this workweek challenge and it definitely motivates me to walk around. It’s so easy to just sit when at work.

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