Music Monday: Mad World

While watching a series on Netflix this weekend, one of the songs I heard in the background was a modern version of the song Mad World. Looking up the song on YouTube, I saw that the song is sung by Gary Jules.

Cover art for earlier international editions, originally used for the I found this cover to be a little slow for my taste. The version I am more familiar with is by Tears for Fears, and it is a version I much prefer. As a teenager, I used to listen to this song on their album The Hurting – so much that my mother used to get tired of it (Yes, I was a big Tears for Fears fan). I enjoy the beat of this song and I have always found that the way it is sung has a haunting quality to it.

Not only do I prefer the original version of the song Mad World,  it also has many memories of my youth attached to it.

Which version of Mad World do you prefer?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2018

13 thoughts on “Music Monday: Mad World

  1. I’m inclined to agree with you, though I did think the young man on the newer version has a nice voice and I found the video quite diverting too. Happy Monday, Colline! Hope it’s a good week 🙂 🙂


  2. I LOVE Tears for Fears and The Hurting album (and Songs from The Big Chair, and a few others). I feel that copies and remakes are usually rubbish. I am glad Tears for Fears toured recently or are touring again–they seem so talented and I love so much of their work.


      1. They have a website and they did a very big-sounding tour of the UK last year, and maybe a little elsewhere. New album too, or at least one with some new songs on! I haven’t heard it yet but I still love love them.


          1. Here’s their site, and I think the album is called Rule The World, which is what their tour is called.

            Wikipedia has a good bunch of info on them and the albums too, although it does not mention this new one

            It says Roland’s wife passed away last year and that delayed their tour, so perhaps they are going to tour again now–

            So I see it is called Rule The World and is a greatest hits collection but with new work on it too. Sorry for the longlong reply, but I kept trying to get most current info while replying!


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