Weekend Coffee Share: Family Time

wordswag_15073188796611453091488.pngIf we were having coffee, I would tell you to come in from out of the cold. We did have a white Christmas as my daughter wished for. But there was no packing snow – and it was too cold to go outside! Instead we stayed inside and spent wonderful family time together. The Christmas period is always a special time for me as my husband, children and I spend quality time together with no outside distractions. We are not working and have no deadlines to follow. It is a wonderful time to chill together and just be a family.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that on Christmas Eve I made a simple supper. My family love spaghettini with a simple basic tomato sauce. It normally takes me about 30 – 45 minutes to make from scratch. After eating we moved to the sofa to commence our annual tradition. This year my daughters are old enough to watch films containing sexual and violent content. As a result, we decided to watch Game of Thrones. I had bought the seasons we were missing, and we began our watch-fest from Season 1.  Rewatching the first seasons has not only allowed my daughters to watch from the beginning, but has also helped us remember the finer details of the story.

Image result for game of thronesChristmas Day shone brightly – even though it was cold outside. As usual, I was the first one up. I do not mind this as I take the time to settle myself on the sofa and read a little after placing the gifts under the tree. When everyone was awake, we opened our gifts. We took our time and, even though there are only 5 of us, opening gifts took over 2 hours. We love this time together as we laugh, admire our gifts, and thank one another for the thoughtful things we have made or bought for each other.

Our gift opening is always followed by brunch then tea in front of the TV. In the late afternoon we stopped watching our show as I began cooking dinner and the family showered and dressed. My nephew always comes over for an early dinner and to spend some time with us. Dinner was what I usually make on Christmas Day – roast chicken, fried rice, and vegetables. After supper and a dessert of strawberries, whipped cream, and ice-cream, we took out Trivial Pursuit.

My eldest daughter’s Christmas wish this year was to play a board game. For the family this Christmas, I had decided to buy one of my favourite board games – Trivial Pursuit. When at university, I used to play this game often with my friends. The memories of these times were in my mind when I picked up the game while Christmas shopping. I had hoped my family would love the game as much as I did. After dinner on Christmas Day, we opened up the new game and played. And we had so much fun! We guessed, we laughed, we were stunned by answers, and we all enjoyed the game – even my husband who is not much of a board games person. I think this game will come out of the closet often.

Boxing Day, the 26th December, dawned and we stepped out to do some shopping. The wind chill was -26c and the wind burned our cheeks. We walked briskly to our destinations and noticed that there were not many people out on the street. The snow cracked beneath our feet as we walked and we kept our faces down. My husband did not get what he wanted (the badminton racket he had been eyeing was bought by someone else who got there before him!) but I found what I needed: two – not one – pairs. of winter boots.  One pair is perfect for snowy and slushy days; the other is good for cold days that are snow-free. My girls found some things that they wanted as well – and we could not resist a trip to the book store. A good day shopping ended with us sitting on the sofa sipping warm drinks and watching our TV series.

The final highlight of the week was my birthday. I began the day with a visit to the hairdresser. I decided to spoil myself and colour my hair. The hairdresser suggested highlights and I went for it. My hair looks a little different now and it is something that I still need to get used to. My family loved my hair and I asked for a picture to be taken at the restaurant we went to for lunch. Eating out on my birthday is another annual family tradition – and one that I love. It does make the day special especially as we do not go out too often. After our meal, we walked about the mall for a while. We could not stroll a bit outside as we usually do because the temperatures were too low. We did not mind as we wanted to get back home, have some tea, and watch more Game of Thrones.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I have had a wonderful week. I have enjoyed the family time and the break from the responsibilities of work. Today I have started getting back into my routine with a Zumba class. Slowly over the next week, I will get back into the rest of my routine – and of course finish watching our chosen TV series for this break.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you to stay warm and enjoy any celebrations you may be planning for the New Year.

What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2017

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29 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Family Time

  1. It sounds liike a well spent week, Colline. Such a luxury, the time together, to be as busy or as idle as you like. 🙂 🙂 I’ve never seen any of Game of Thrones. My daughter insists it’s too violent for a ‘wuss’ like me and I’ve never bothered to find out. Perhaps I should?


    1. It is quite violent and some of the fight scenes are quite graphic. The story line is excellent though as well as the acting and cinematography. Maybe reading the books would be better? I haven’t read them so cannot tell you which would be better.

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  2. What a wonderful holiday! The family time is really the key. It’s funny what you said about taking two hours to unwrap your gifts because I was thinking this year as we leisurely took turns opening our own presents, that although I miss the magical feeling of Christmases when my kids were little and unwrapped their gifts with speed and passion, that this way was nice too. Savoring the moment. Enjoy the rest of your time off, oh, and I love your new look! 🙂

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  3. It does sound cold where you are! That shopping trip sounded like one where it was you vs the cold, and lovely to hear you got a couple of pairs of winter boots. Hopefully it gets less cold soon and you can go out and walk in them 🙂 It is summer here in Australia and we are very warm here…some days maybe even too warm to go out, lol. Wishing you well for 2018 and take care 🙂

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    1. One of the pair of boots I bought were actually made in Australia – Koolaburras by Ugg. They suit me well so far and keep my feet toasty.
      All the best for 2018.


  4. Happy belated birthday. You hair cut looks great. It sounds like you had a lovely Christmas period. Ours continues until after New Year and our regular activities don’t resume until end Jan/beginning February so we feel we have a long prolonged holiday. Perhaps we should watch the game of Thrones. Have a Very Happy New Year Colline.

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  5. Happy New Year, Colline …. May 2018 bring you many joys. A belated Happy Birthday as well … and your hair looks great. Good job at treating yourself!


  6. Colline I hope your new year is going well. I am catching up on blog friends today and you always come to mind. I’d like to have coffee with you AND you always remind me to live in gratitude. ❤️


    1. Things are going well Ruth. The year has been ultra-busy so far. And yet it has been good because of new experiences (I will tell you about this in today’s Coffee Share) 🙂
      Gratitude is so important to have in our lives, I think. If we have gratitude in our hearts, we focus on the positive and live a life filled with many pockets of happiness.

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