Classroom Christmas Door

This year I decided to decorate my classroom door in the spirit of the Holidays. This year I have only one child who does not celebrate Christmas so the children’s vote was overwhelmingly in favour of Santa coming down the chimney. I thought to add Christmas stockings on the mantle and some garlands. My SNA (Special Needs Assistant) added a few Christmas presents and a tree.

We love our door and have had many compliments from children who pass by. I encouraged other teachers to join in and now our hallways look very festive.

Do you enjoy decorating doors for the Holidays?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2017

(This post is linked to Norm’s Thursday Doors challenge)


33 thoughts on “Classroom Christmas Door

    1. All the classes are having fun decorating their doors – it makes for a festive school. Our front doors are bare though. It is better to spend time decorating spaces people see more often.
      The front door to my home is not decorated at all – but as soon as you step in, you know it is Christmas 🙂


    1. I encouraged other teachers to join in and now the whole school is participating. Tomorrow the children will vote on what their favourite door is. It has been fun so far and has created spirit in the school.


  1. I’ve never decorated doors at my home, but a few years ago, after retiring from the agency where I had worked for many years, I joined a private company where decorating our offices and our doors was almost a requirement! I was going all Scrooge on them…until I saw how much fun everyone was having. So I joined the others.

    Great doors!


  2. That’s a nice door – are the cookies and milk for Santa? And where’s Rudolf’s Carrot?? 😉

    I’m surprised that you only have one ‘non-xmas’ child. Except for ‘Faith’ schools there is always a mix of cultures and creeds in UK schools. So Christmas is usually celebrated at a non-denominational level. My Son’s school is having a Festive Pullover day tomorrow where everyone donates a £1 for not being in uniform and the money goes to Save the Children 🙂

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    1. Oops, we forgot the carrot.
      Usually I have a mix of beliefs in my room but this year, for the first time since I have taught in Toronto, I don’t. Makes the year end discussion around the Holidays centred on one custom.

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  3. Beautiful idea Colline, most Children enjoy the little ideas that make up Christmas.
    Sad that all children cannot enjoy the simplicity of the innocence of happiness and enjoyment.


  4. What a great idea, and I love what you’ve done, Colline. It looks very festive and something I’d be proud to have on one of my doors. We always have a holly wreath on our front door at this time of the year, but that’s about it when it comes to decorating a door.

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