Grateful for Colleague’s Encouragement

Processed with RookieThis year I am mentoring a number of new grade 1 teachers. We have a good team who support one another and help one another with ideas and things that we have found online to incorporate into our classes. Not only do we chat with one another on potential lessons, but we also connect with one another when we need support in other ways.

Last week one of my mentees and I attended a workshop that had been specifically designed for mentors and mentees. While chatting with others from our school on how we look after ourselves (one of the things teachers tend to forget to do in the enthusiasm of planning for our classes), we got to talking about exercise and the classes we take at our local gym.  I, of course, take zumba classes. My mentee encouraged myself and another mentor from our school to join her in a BodyCombat class – a class that includes many punches and kicks inspired by marshal arts.

The class was not as much fun to do as zumba – but I did exercise different muscles in my body. Will I go again? Why not? Not only am I exercising, but I am also spending some time with my colleagues.

This week I am grateful for my colleague’s encouragement to try something new to add to my exercise regime.

What have you been grateful for this week? Share your comments or the link to your post below.

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11 thoughts on “Grateful for Colleague’s Encouragement

  1. I’m grateful that Epi wants a Fitbit for Christmas – made me decide that I’ll get one too. Then it’s Pilates and Walking to improve my fitness 🙂 Don’t think I’m quite up to Zumba, though Epi does that most weeks. Of course I do get to do lots of weights on Tuesday and Saturday – waving around a large camera lens. I wonder if the Fitbit will detect that as exercise? 😉

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