Justice League and Ramen

This year we celebrated my husband’s birthday the day after his actual birth date. Celebrating it on a Friday was so much more convenient than a Thursday evening. Thursday evening while I was conducting interviews with the parents of the children in my class; and he could still go out and play badminton.

To celebrate his birthday this year, we decided to take my husband to the movies and dinner. The movie we chose was Justice League as we all enjoy watching super-hero movies.  To treat my husband, my son decided his dad should go to the VIP section of our movie theatre. We loved it! I enjoyed the extra space and the reclining chairs. What a perfect way to relax after a hard day on your feet! Of course we had to get buttered popcorn. Delicious! Not only was I enjoying the experience, but I could see that my husband was too. 🙂

Not only did we enjoy the VIP experience, but we also enjoyed the film. Lots of special effects and action. The favourite part of the film for me was meeting Flash. I loved the way his character was portrayed – with plenty of humour. As fans of super-hero films, my family and I were not disappointed. I look forward to seeing the next film – the one that was hinted at  after the film credits.

After our film experience, we went out for dinner. At the moment, my family enjoy eating ramen. We love this Japanese food and enjoy the flavours of the soup. I enjoy, in particular, the vegetarian version laden with vegetables.

After dinner we headed home for some tea and chocolate mousse cake. The perfect way to end a birthday celebration.

How do you celebrate birthdays?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2017

12 thoughts on “Justice League and Ramen

  1. What a great celebration. And the best part is that all of your family enjoyed it together. That makes all the difference. So many families are busy going their separate ways all the time anymore. It’s great to know there are still families who really enjoy being with each other.

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  2. That’s an excellent way to do it, Colline. Birthdays are more flexible as we get older. 🙂 🙂 Never had ramen as such, but I presume it’s a noodle soup. Sounds good to me. I always like fireworks on my birthday (Guy Fawkes 🙂 ) but as we were in the Algarve this year it didn’t happen. Sunshine was compensation, but we had a firework display on the Headland this past weekend as part of their winter celebrations. I was like a kid again!

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  3. Great family celebration Colline, a relaxing evening movie followed by an appetizing meal, no Husband or Father could be so admired and loved, as to have his family appreciate him with love and respect.

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