FMF Day 5: Trust

In whom do we trust? Many organisations and groups demand our trust and receive it without question. Our government (whom we trust will make the best decisions for our country), our farmers (whom we trust will grow our food in a way that is beneficial to our health), our doctors (whom we trust will know how to heal us), our teachers (whom we trust will guide and protect our children). The list goes on.

Often we do not realise that we are putting our trust in these people. The trust we give is so much an integral part of our lives that we do not question giving it. Even to those that do not deserve it. In the past people have trusted the police, for example, and yet we hear horror stories in which this trust has been abused – so much so that there are groups of people who no longer trust those who have pledged to protect and serve. Sometimes the breach of trust is three-fold as in the abuse of a child by a priest. The parents’ trust, the child’s trust, as well as the trust of the congregation has been misplaced.

I often wonder what would happen if members of our society did not automatically give their trust. What if organisations, and members within those organisations, had to earn our trust. Would the abuse of our trust be less frequent? And would institutions like the Government and Agriculture be more accountable?

What are your thoughts on trust in our society?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2017

(This post is in response to the FMF October challenge in which we write for 5 minutes every day in October. To read any posts you may have missed on my series titled Reflections on Modern Life, click here.)

3 thoughts on “FMF Day 5: Trust

  1. I have been thinking about this “trust” topic (on and off) for a while and you raise some excellent points…
    “what would happen if members of our society did not automatically give their trust. ”

    I wonder too….


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