FMF Day 4: Hope

Hope was a part of lives in the past, and it continues to feature in modern day lives. Many hopes remain the same – to be healthy all our lives, to be successful, to find love. There are differences, however, in what people over the ages have hoped for. In the past, people may have hoped to catch their dinner – or a few centuries later, to begin working without  school leaving certificate. Our hopes in the twenty first century have changed for a desire to have a stable income and job security, to find an affordable place to stay, to save enough money for a comfortable retirement.

One of the hopes forefront in many people’s minds is that global war does not happen, and that the nuclear weapons that governments have built are never used. So many countries seem to be at war – amongst themselves or against rivals. The hope for peace seems to be unattainable. And yet we still desire it.

An aspiration that those who are concerned about the environment have, is that humans do not destroy the planet. Global warming is slowly becoming a reality and the hope of environmentalists is that others begin to change their habits so that the planet can heal.

As I am writing, a phrase comes to mind that I have often heard/read: “Hope springs eternal”. This statement seems to hold true because no matter what we are experiencing (war, poverty, redundancy, illness), we continually hope for the better. It is with hope and the desire for something better, that we continue to strive and to live our lives.

What hopes do you believe modern people have?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2017

(This post is in response to the FMF October challenge in which we write for 5 minutes every day in October. To read any posts you may have missed on my series titled Reflections on Modern Life, click here.)

6 thoughts on “FMF Day 4: Hope

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think modern day folks fear change. They need stability. There is no risk taking for fear of the outcome. I think there are those that are lacking hope. We need more positive thinking in todays world.


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