FMF Day 3: Create

“Mommy, people today don’t use the creative side of their brain.” My daughter insists that her statement is true and I tend to agree with her. In my daily experience of the person living in the modern world, I notice that we are expected to follow the rules and stay within everyone’s comfort zone. Even though we are asked to ‘think out of the box’, our employers do not always reward us when we deviate from their expectations of how we should behave and work within the workplace environment.

Our creativity is stifled from the time we are at school. Children are asked to conform to rules and to respond to tasks in a particular way. Children who do think differently are often misunderstood. As children grow older, they lack the confidence to explore and delve into learning with the same creativity and vigour that they did when they were young. Adults seem to have much of their creativity siphoned out of them.

If we could create more – with our hands, with our minds – we may be able to release some of the stress that we hold within ourselves. We should look into ourselves and our imagination in order to help fulfil our souls. We should look inside of ourselves instead of relying on others to feed the creative part of our being. We should look into our own minds instead of relying on the film maker to imagine for us.

Creative people are rare in the modern world. Each person does have a spark of creativity within them. It is up to each individual to nurture it and help it bear fruit.

In what ways are you creative?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2017

(This post is in response to the FMF October challenge in which we write for 5 minutes every day in October. To read any posts you may have missed on my series titled Reflections on Modern Life, click here.)

9 thoughts on “FMF Day 3: Create

  1. Colline, you know what I do, and yet I am always inspired by you, and what you share, for your thoughts are always genuine, selfless and true. I love your message, and as God inspires, so also do many who I know in this world of blogging. As you say all have that creative gene within ourselves, some do not trust in sharing what they feel. Hugs and blessings my sister!


    1. Thank you for your kind thoughts Wendell – and I know your creativity stems from your love for God. What you say is true – we need to trust that sharing what we feel is good enough. And with that confidence we will become even more creative.


  2. Yes Colline, your use of the prompt is just the type of reminder we all need! In which ways am I creative? Well, I enjoy writing songs, singing them, scrapbooking, other forms of photo documentation, storytelling, blogging, and creative art experiences for young children. I’ve found that when I don’t honor my creative side, it feels like a slow, silent death! Visit me at the #12 spot for a peek inside my world…

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