FMF Day 2: Tell

Modern life tells on our bodies. The lack of exercise shows in our weight and lack of muscle. Our diet shows in our constant fatigue and large bodies. Our stress shows in our haggard and drawn faces.

Modern life allows no time for repose and just being. We rush from point to point and often feel the clock ticking within our minds. Many children experience the same stress as they are shunted from one activity to another. High school students are expected to ‘hit the books’ as a heavy workload is piled onto them.

Modern life is reflected in our faces. In the bleary eyes in the morning as we stagger (sometimes literally) to our workplace or place of learning. The circles under our eyes tell of late nights and over-exposure to screens. (Yes, children show these signs as well).

Magazines and TV shows may show that modern life is great – we have so much more now than they had in the past. Life is shown to be easier. But is it? Our bodies tell that it may not be so.

Does your body show signs of modern life?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2017

(This post is in response to the FMF October challenge in which we write for 5 minutes every day in October. To read any posts you may have missed on my series titled Reflections on Modern Life, click here.)

11 thoughts on “FMF Day 2: Tell

  1. I ‘m noticing that there seem to be many more obese people around than in the past. Maybe our modern way of life is less healthy than in the old days when people had less money to spend on food and also had to walk instead of taking the car.

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  2. it should be easier, but um – no – don’t think it is – and agree with the above comment on packages foods – people need enzymes and foods that give life.


  3. So right, Colline. I especially notice the stressed attitudes and behavior in people. And it troubles me for myself, for other adults, and most especially for children. I truly believe that if we don’t do something to change how our society “lives” now, we will produce a whole new generation of emotionally and psychologically damaged people.


  4. I agree, Colline, especially with the packaged food. People need to stick with more fresh foods and ban the packaged foods from their diets.Above all, people need to know they can have their treats but in moderation.

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    1. Just like they did in my grandmother’s day – and even my mom’s. My sisters and I grew up on home cooked meals and few sweet treats. I have tried to do the same with my children.

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