31 Days of FMF in October 2017

It has been a number of years since I have participated in the Five Minute Friday (FMF) October challenge in which you write for 5 minutes everyday on a given word. In 2014, I wrote a series of posts on moving from the southern to the northern hemisphere titled Migrating North. In 2015, I wrote about some of my teaching experiences in a series of posts titled Blackboard Scribbles.

This year I have decided to take up the challenge once again to help me get back into my blogging routine. Kate Motaung over at the Five Minute Friday website does not suggest you choose a theme for the 31 days of posts – but I found I enjoyed focusing my writing on a particular topic. This year I have chosen to reflect on our modern lives in a series of posts titled Reflections on Modern Life. The title came to me while walking home yesterday while I was thinking about our habits and stresses in current society.I hope you will enjoy this series of posts and look forward to your contributions to the discussions in the comments.

Will you be participating in the FMF October challenge this year?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2017

7 thoughts on “31 Days of FMF in October 2017

  1. This challenge sound like a good way to get myself disciplined again. After experience such a sudden and grievous loss a month ago, I have had a really hard time making myself write, and my creativity seems to be seriously stifled. Maybe this will be the thing to get me out of the pit. I’ll hop over and check it out. Thanks for sharing about it.


      1. I think I’ll go ahead and sign up for the challenge, so that it will help me focus and try to make myself write something every day. But I am in the middle of having several repairs done on my home and teaching a new writing class this term, so I may not actually get something posted every day. It’s worth a try though. And I may surprise myself.

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