Grateful For Decision

As many of you know, our school has been going through upheaval recently due to the fact that a 35 storey apartment building will be built next to the school. Parents have been up in arms and the school board put forward a few suggestions – one of which was moving locations.

After a risk analysis, the school board decided it would be safe to stay at our current location once certain conditions had been implemented. A parent survey showed the parents agreed. So finally a decision has been made – the school will stay where it is and steps will be taken to ensure that the site remains safe for everyone.

Work has begun at the school, and the sight of people with clipboards and measuring tapes has become a common sight. My classroom has been selected for some of the beginning work. The reason? I will discover it on Friday when I arrive at school and see what they have done.

Now we wait for the next two weeks to determine how many parents will take their children out of the school and the French Immersion programme. Then we will begin making class lists for next year and working on the timetable. But for now, I am grateful that a decision has been made on where we will be next year.

What have you been grateful for this week? Share your post in the comments below.

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Lavendar Ladi was grateful for summer plants

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