SoCS: Smells

Smells are an integral part of our lives, aren’t they? Think about the smells we experience each day. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee; the scent of orange zest as you peel away the skin from the flesh. The smell of rain as the water pounds the earth; the bouquet of blossoms on newly-leaved trees.

Smell helps to form part of our memories too. Whenever I catch the whiff of Old Spice after shave, I think of my dad. I see in my mind’s eye his smile and hear his voice. I think back to the times we went out as a family while I was growing up. I think of family get-togethers, and the sense of fun many of these gatherings had. I remember laughter, eating, and plenty of dancing and singing.

Smells make us think of the not so good times as well. I remember the feeling of nausea certain smells would encourage when I was pregnant. Smells that meant nothing before the changes my body was experiencing. Walking past dumpsters do not always encourage pleasant memories. I remember a few years back when the city workers were on strike. The stench of refuse filled the air in many places. It was a hot summer and I could not wait for an agreement to be reached between the city and the workers’ union.

Yes, smells are an integral part of our lives. And right now the delicious smell of roast chicken is permeating the air. I think we will enjoy our dinner tonight!

What are your favourite smells? And what memories do they hold for you?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2017

(This post is linked to Stream of Consciousness SaturdayThe prompt is: smell)

8 thoughts on “SoCS: Smells

  1. The smell of chili cooking on the stove. When I was a child my mother always made chili on the coldest days or on snowy days. I loved coming in from the cold to the smell of her spicy chili.

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  2. Okay, I get lots of reactions when I admit this, but I love the smell of gasoline. I love the smell of a garage or when we pull up to fill up the tank. I don’t huff. I only sniff/. It reminds me of when my grandparents would drive me and my mom to dialysis for me and we’d always stop for gas on the drive home. I’d feel tired from the dialysis in the back seat, but I would smell the gas and I would think of road trips with family growing up. Coffee is a good one. Frying bacon is not.

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    1. Sounds like the smell holds a lot of pleasant memories for you. I can imagine the bustle at the station and the chats you are sure to have had in the car with your family.
      And as for bacon, that salty smell is one I don’t smell often as it is not a meat my family enjoys.
      Have a wonderful rest of the day.

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  3. Mmm roast chicken 😉 You’re right that smells can instantly take us back to moments of the past. Our ears do so too as hearing some songs instantly take me back to a moment (good or bad) xx


    1. I think all of our senses help up with memories – even touch. The touch of certain fabrics come to mind, and even the grip of someone’s hand.


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