Children’s’ Illustrations

Correcting my students’ work is not always easy. Often I find myself sounding out their words and reading what they have written aloud. There are times when I am unable to figure out what they have written and call the person to come and read for me. I need no help, though, in ‘reading’ their illustrations.

Children’s Illustrations. © Colline Kook-Chun, 2017

Yesterday I was correcting some work and I could not help but smile at some of the detailed illustrations that I saw. It is easy to understand why some children are so proud of their drawings.

What has made you smile this week?

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile© Colline Kook-Chun, 2017

(This post was inspired by Trent’s Weekly Smile, a challenge which focuses on sharing all things positive.)

27 thoughts on “Children’s’ Illustrations

    1. They always are. My teens now enjoying looking back on what they drew when they were younger. And the comment? “They are so cute!” 🙂
      Are your grandchildren young? Younger children always keep you smiling, don’t they?

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  1. I can see why they would be hard to read. It’s almost as if these kids are writing in another language or something 😉 And “spring” is so much easier to spell than “printemps”. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. 🙂 The drawings are very cute.

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      1. Yeah, but English has those odd inconsistencies. Like ‘tough’ rhymes with ‘stuff’, but ‘though’ is the pronounced the same as “tho” and rhymes with ‘sew’, which is pronounced the same as ‘so’ and rhymes with ‘blow’ and ‘hoe’.

        Anyway, cute drawings no matter which language they are in 😉

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  2. To be a teacher is so beautiful dear Colline. You are better than us for understanding children. When I went to Baku, I wanted to give some papers/notebook and colour pencils for drawing. But my son stopped me because he said that it was early for this. How excited I am… waiting for this. Thank you dear, Love, nia

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  3. Those are so cute, I agree! All the people are smiling, and the bird is tweeting pretty music! Did they say why there are spikes on their shoes? Maybe a golf course? 🙂 I love seeing my grandkid’s drawings!


    1. The drawing is of a boy in my class playing on his soccer team. He loves soccer and loves to play outside on the fields during spring time 🙂


  4. Those are amazing, and showed great promise for the future of those young artists.
    Grandchildren are certainly a delight. The youngest of mine can write letters now, but not words. She had me spell our to her, while she wrote it laboriously, a letter to the fairies asking for a potion to enable her to turn into one.

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