Grateful for Mother’s Day

Each year a day is set aside for Mother’s Day. Like all holidays, it has the danger of being commercialised but the sentiment behind it is good. This day is one in which you can show – and tell – your mother how much you appreciate her actions and support. I have certainly done so in the past.

Now that I am a mother myself, I enjoy this day of appreciation. I do get the hugs and the love during the year – but on this day, I am made to feel special. My children, with my husband’s help, prepare a delicious lunch for me (I prefer eating at home as opposed to going out to a restaurant). Besides the hugs and the presence of all my family members at the table, this year I received some beautiful flowers (from my daughters and son).

Mother’s Day flowers. © Colline Kook-Chun, 2017

Besides the flowers, my daughters bought me a lunch box that I had been eyeing. What makes their gift even more special is that they bought it with their own money – money that they had earned from their weekly tutoring job. And my husband? Besides organising our lunch and then cooking dinner, he bought me the fitness tracker that I had been eyeing for a while – yes, the Fitbit.

This week I am grateful for Mother’s Day, a day on which I am spoiled and reminded that even though I am taken for granted at times, my family does love me and appreciates what I do for them.

What have you been grateful for this week? Share your post in the comments below.

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© Colline Kook-Chun, 2017

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