Weekend Coffee Share: It Has Been a While

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Good morning! It has been a while since we spoke and I have missed our chats. My weekends have been filled with things birthday related and I have not had a moment to blog. The weekends past have been filled with my daughter’s birthday. Not just any birthday – but a birthday in which I realise how quickly time does pass. My baby girl is now 17 years old. Seventeen! I can still picture her as an infant, swaddled in my arms. Soon she will be finished with high school and moving towards her career. Conversations around the dinner table now often focus on what she wants to do when she has completed school.

Next weekend my second daughter will be celebrating her sixteenth birthday with her friends. I sigh when I think of my girls being so much older than my memory of them. They are doing so much more now independently of us, their parents. It is when I look at them (and my greying head of hair in the mirror!) that I realise time is passing and I am getting older myself.

Passing time and raising my children is not the only event that has been causing my hair to grey lately. The last few months have been stressful for the teachers that work at the school where I am. The school is located next to a site that has been slated for the building of a 35 storey building. Parents have been protesting, causing delays in decision-making by the School Board. (A comprehensive article by CBC News)

Parents and children protested in front of a midtown Toronto school on Thursday morning against the impending development of a condo tower next door.
Parents and children protested in front of a midtown Toronto school on Thursday morning against the impending development of a condo tower next door. © CBC News

The delays in the final decision is causing stress among the staff members. Is the school going to stay at its location? Or is it going to be relocated? How many children will be taken out of the school and the French Immersion programme by their parents? Will the school still be viable to stay open? The answers to these questions would affect the decisions that teachers would make going forward. Unfortunately none of them are being answered. causing a lot of uncertainty and the necessity to make choices based on scant information.

The dreary moments staff have been feeling at our school has been mirrored in the weather we have experienced this past week. The skies have been grey and gloomy – and rain has soaked the ground for hours. We are all wishing for warmer days, blue skies, and the sound of children playing outside in the playground. We are all hoping that next week there will be no indoor recess!

The week has not been always gloomy. The children make me smile with their antics and the things they say. This week a boy in my class, who is an avid Pokemon fan, made me smile because of the things he did with his figurines. (Read my description in my Weekly Smile post). And, of course, I loved dancing in my new Zumba shoes! (Described in my weekly Gratitude post).

As I get ready for my Zumba class, I look forward to dancing my cares away. I wish you a wonderful week. May the sun shine and may you be surrounded by all things positive.

What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2017

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15 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: It Has Been a While

  1. I hope your school gets some answers soon. The whole situation sounds very stressful and not at all good for learning! It is odd to realize how grown our children are when we still think of them as our babies. I guess it’s a “mom” thing! Enjoy Zumba. I’ve heard it’s fun. Maybe I should find a class near me?


    1. It is stressful. The children are learning though as they are too young to understand what is going on.
      As for my own children – I now understand how my mom has felt all these years 🙂
      Zumba is great. I have been doing it for 9 months now and I do not think it is something I will give up. Give it a try. If you enjoy dancing, you will enjoy this form of exercise.

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  2. I hope the stress over your school’s future be resolved soon. Happiest birthday to your daughter and congratulations as well for finishing school soon. Have a wonderful week ahead.


  3. Hi Colline, best wishes on a fruitful outcome to your schools problem, seems change has become a continuous cycle in every ones lives these days.
    Congratulations on nurturing your two lovely daughters into the modern world, the grey hairs are worth it Colline.
    Kind regards and best wishes.

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    1. It seems my life has been full of changes for the last 18 years. There are times, Ian, when I wish that things could remain the same. However this is change that remains out of my control.

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  4. Children become independent so quickly. We celebrated one of my boys birthdays last weekend, and a house full of 7 year olds racing around at full spend almost sent my hair into complete white in moments! Anyway, great post. Hope things work out with the school and the build beside it.


    1. I remember those days – and collapsing on the sofa afterwards from exhaustion. Now the kids don’t run around as they are older – but they are just as loud 🙂


  5. Ohhh how I know the feeling…. My son is nearing 16 himself and my own head is getting greyer and greyer (think it started somewhere around late 20’s/early 30’s for me – genetics??, not sure as mom died when I was young). Trying not to panic and get to anxious thinking of him becoming an adult and beinng on his own and all…*deepbreath*. Hope you guys all had a wonderful weekend and that you have a great week ahead.

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    1. I feel the same as you about my daughters. Every time they go out with their friends, I am hoping that they make the right decisions and are not pressured to do anything that they do not want to.

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  6. Happy birthday to your daughter! Time goes so fast. My oldest is 13 now and I wonder where the time went. I hope you get some answers soon at the school. How frustrating to be in limbo. Have a great week!


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