Grateful for Dental Insurance

Yesterday was that dreaded cleaning at the dentist. Lying in the chair with my mouth open, I allowed my mind to wander over the day I had had. I realised quickly that the hygienist was gentle and barely hurting me. Added to which she seemed to be moving through the process quickly.

I remember a time when a cleaning was not only painful, but took a long time. For the last three years while working permanently with the School Board, I have been able to visit the dentist more frequently to check my teeth and have them cleaned. My visits now are shorter than they were previously – and the cleanings are definitely a more pleasant experience.

This week I am grateful that I have Dental Insurance that allows me, and my family, to look after our teeth.

What have you been grateful for this week?

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6 thoughts on “Grateful for Dental Insurance

  1. I had a checkup/cleaning yesterday too. After seeing your post I went back and added it to my smile – that it’s over and will help me keep my real smile 😉 Insurance is a great thing to help people stay healthy. I’m glad your dental insurance is helping you with that.

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  2. I picked lousy insurance and it covered almost none of my problems. My dentist felt sorry for me (I needed an implant and two crowns) and gave me a discount. I love him forever.


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