Grateful for Needle Movement

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One of my goals for 2017 is to lose some of the weight I have gained over the last few years. I want to take charge of my health and fitness again and return to a time when it was easy for my body to move. I am slowly changing the way I eat; and I try my best to attend my bi-weekly Zumba classes.

The needle on my scale had not moved since the beginning of the year. However, even though it remained static, I did notice a change in my body. My clothing fits looser and I am beginning to see a waist again! Last week when I weighed myself, I felt a moment of joy.

The needle on the scale had moved! Downwards.

I now weigh 1kg less. It may not sound a lot, but to me it is quite an achievement. The loss encourages me and prevents me from giving up. Now I can work towards losing the next kilogram.

This week I am grateful for my weight loss and the encouragement this loss gives me.

What have you been grateful for this week?

Processed with RookieLast week:

Laura was grateful for a flannel shirt

Lavender Ladi was grateful for fluffy snow

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15 thoughts on “Grateful for Needle Movement

  1. I am greatful for everything every day it had become my thing… Being grateful from the sunrise to the sunset. It is surprising how happy being greatful makes you. Good luck with the needle p.s. laughter burns millions of calories.😘


    1. An attitude of gratitude does make one more content with life. As for laughter – I cannot help but laugh during my day. The antics of those in my class this year certainly encourage me to do so 🙂

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