Man, not Woman

Often my husband will say, “Man is so evil!” when we are discussing certain events at the dinner table. Topics can range from war, to the slave trade and human trafficking, to corrupt presidents in Africa, to violent and cruel murders. When we talk about the oppression of women and the domination of one race over the other, my husband often shakes his head at some point in the conversation and laments the baser side of human nature.

“Yes, men,” I tell him. “Not women.”

Women, I believe, have a more nurturing nature than men. The men are the ones who fight, who cause war and riots, who want to dominate and show their power. Women are the ones who heal, who clean up afterwards, who find the food to feed their children. Women are the ones who show love and who work towards creating that sense of community.

Unfortunately the modern woman feels that she has to be like a man in order to be equal. Thus many women today try harder than men to be a man: they seem unbending and unyielding with all the nurture squeezed out of them. They dress like men in severe suits and create a wall around themselves to hide their true nature. Will they eventually become like men and start wars, leaving the ‘lesser’ women to nurture?Would I then have to agree with my husband that Man (as in humanity) is not good?

I hope that it never comes to that and that the modern woman will realise that equity, not equality, is what is important. I hope that she will come to realise that nurture is a good thing; and that being the alpha male does not always lead to something positive for the community.

Do you agree with my husband’s statement?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2017

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10 thoughts on “Man, not Woman

  1. The women you described here are what I call the “feminists of the 1970s”. People like Hillary Clinton. I think most “young feminists” celebrate their female side, they just want to be treated equally for who they are. Of course, Fox News and other people who want to keep the status quo always portray only the most militant side of feminism and this side, the “feminists of the 1970s”. In other words, I don’t think you have to worry about the majority of women becoming too much like men.

    That being said, there are evil women 😉

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    1. I am glad for that. I do think feminism has changed since its conception. As a woman, I like to celebrate the multiple sides of myself – and that includes the feminine part of me.

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  2. Interesting dinner conversation. Love the fact that you can have this conversation with your husband, first and foremost. Secondly, I believe we need to keep the nurturing quality that was given us by God. We do need nurturers, especially in this day and age. I believe that equity is the key word here and both men and women have something unique to contribute to our society. Thanks for sharing this moment of yours with us.

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  3. Agree with you that a woman doesn’t need to look like and act like a typical man to be deemed worthy or equal. Of course, woman shouldn’t be afraid to speak up and speak their minds, but at the same time, they should also be who they really want to be. I do believe in equal opportunity for both men and women. If any of us wants to pursue a certain goal, we each should be given the opportunity.


  4. I don’t actually believe in evil, only sickness. And yes, there are certainly some sick individuals out there. I think most women will always have a nurturing side. It’s in our nature. 🙂


    1. Evil is a way of thinking – and the enjoyment, I think, that person experiences when doing extreme harm to others. It is definitely the antithesis of what is described as good.


      1. Indeed. Not to argue or even try to convince you I’m correct, but to demonstrate my way of thinking, for the purpose of potentially giving you something to think about, since you’ve been kind enough to do the same for me…
        You’re exactly right when you say evil is the antithesis of what is described as good. But is there any such thing as a “good” person either? I think of good and evil as behaviors. The enjoyment one might get from acting in an evil way (evil behavior) is no less than the enjoyment we get when we help others (good behavior), if you stand back and look at it objectively. …okay, I acknowledge that that sounds horrible. I suppose what I’m saying is that perhaps the enjoyment is the same, but it comes from a different brain. A brain that’s wired to act in a polar opposite way than is natural.

        I think we’re born inherently “good,” which is to say that we humans are, by nature, programmed to care about one another. Unless we are born with some sort of unbalance. On the other hand it could be nurture that brings out a different way of thinking.
        That’s the best I can do to explain the way I think. It’s an interesting subject. Thanks, Colline. 🙂


        1. The terms “good” and “evil” are merely words that have been used over the centuries to describe the behaviour you are speaking of. “Good” is behaviour that is reinforced in our society, behaviour that upholds the social norms that we follow; “evil” is that behaviour which seeks to destroy it with actions that are unaccepted by our current society.
          Now imagine a society in which murder and destruction is the norm. Would those who are currently described as “good” be seen as “evil”? Now that is an interesting thought …
          Thank you for your input Linda. I enjoy thinking philosophically on a topic and broadening my thinking 🙂


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