Grateful for Hand Lotion

The winter months are harsh on the skin. The frigid air outside and the overheated indoor spaces dry out our skin. Add the anti-bacterial soap that schools use and your hands suffer. By mid-morning I can feel that my skin has tightened and craves a little moisture. I have bought hand lotion which I keep on my desk at school and my students have grown used to the sight of their teacher rubbing lotion on her hands at least once a day. I always get a compliment, “Madame, your hands smell so nice!” I guess they enjoy the scent of shea butter as much as I do. 🙂

This week I am grateful for hand lotion. After rubbing the moisture in my hands, they feel so much better.

What have you been grateful for this week?

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18 thoughts on “Grateful for Hand Lotion

  1. omg – hand lotion is truly a gift…
    and last year I used this restroom at a school and they had Avalon Organics Lavender lotion – and it has been our family’s favorite all around lotion since… hands, body… oh such a good product.


  2. I could not make it through the winter months without my hand lotion. My hands get so raw and sore without it. Petroleum jelly and socks or gloves to cover your hands at night works wonders, too.
    Try it right before hopping into bed. It takes a little while to get used to your hands being covered, but the results are fantastic.


    1. My dad used to use petroleum jelly and swore by it. And I remember my gran wearing gloves to bed to heal her hands. And yes, it worked for her too. Luckily my hands are not as bad as hers were.

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  3. I bought some hand lotion that smells like chocolate cookies. I imagine your students would love that. I’ve started wearing gloves in the summer and putting waterproof sunscreen on my hands. I wish I’d started that years ago.


  4. Oh, I ADORE shea butter! It smells so delicious. My hands are a wreck in the winter and I have to use a good hand cream — maybe I’ll find one with shea butter to try. 🙂


  5. I have been carrying travel size lotion in my handbag for years. My hands get cranky when I don’t apply lotion after washing them. It is interesting, though, that many men do not seem to need lotion as much as women do. Maybe they think it’s not manly to use it regularly? 🙂


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