Weekend Coffee Share: Report Cards are Done!

weekend coffee share logo hosted at parttimemonsterblog.comIf we were having coffee, I would greet you with a smile on my face. My report cards are done! Completed on Friday afternoon after school, a week and two weekends before they are due! And I am happy to say that I did not work on them over the weekend at home. Sitting down in front of the computer and focusing helped a lot to get them done this quickly. Now I intend to contact the parents I need to see and spread out the meetings so that they are not all done at once.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that during the past week I had to take a day off as a headache turned into a migraine. I spent the day in my darkened bedroom and slept a little. It was worth taking time off as I felt so much better the next day. (So much better that I finished those report cards 🙂 !)

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I started my crochet club at school. Friday was the first session – and I was surprised at how many children showed up. More children came to sign up during the lunch session, and others asked me for forms. It was quite a challenge helping them learn to cast on and do chain stitches. Luckily my former ECE wants to learn as well and, after quickly showing her, she helped me to help the children. A few of the children ‘got it’ and many realised that it is not as easy as they thought. I encouraged them not to give up. I hope that they do not and that they come to the next session.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that yesterday my husband made a lovely dinner for us to celebrate the start of the Chinese New Year. My nephew came over to celebrate with us and we had a lovely evening eating and chatting. If you celebrate the start of the lunar calendar, I wish you a wonderful Year of the Rooster.

What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2017

(This post is linked to the Weekend Coffee Share hosted by Diane, The Part-Time Monster)

20 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Report Cards are Done!

  1. It must feel good to have the reports done and will give you chance to talk with the parents.
    i was shocked about what happened yesterday. I am praying for the World, especially to those effected by the action.


  2. I would also tell you that I finished my report cards, Yay! Now I get to print them for the staff to proofread before they hand them over to the principal for her signature (after a second printing and if they she hasn’t found any mistakes).


  3. ooo – that dinner sounds like a great way to start the C New year…
    and glad you were able to get the rep. cards done.

    and side note – please check on getting magnesium chloride for headaches and prevention of migraines – I know a few local ladies who have not had any since they started taking a little last spring.
    and the “clueless doctors” blogger uses it with thousands of her clients.

    I like life-flo brand – but mag chloride is a very absorbable magnesium that helps the body in so many ways.

    no need to reply – it is just a tip.



      1. well if you get it online it is nicely priced. I have a spray that was under ten dollars – but my fav is the couple pound container – lasts forever- and the ladies I know who have been using it for migraines – they take a small granuale under the tongue – they did it daily for months and then let it taper – not actually sure – but we learned about it from a Naturopathic doc in our area. he carries baggies of it around and takes it a few times daily. I respect him a lot.


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