Grateful for Approaching PA Day

It is our second week back from the Winter break and we are already thinking of the report cards. It feels like it was only yesterday that I was printing a set and meeting with all the parents.

This week I am assessing the children’s oral communication, reading skill, and writing ability. I am also thinking about their ability to understand my oral communication with them. Do they grasp what I am saying to them in French? Are they able to follow my verbal instructions?

Not only am I to think of the children’s ability in French, I am expected to determine their skill level in Mathematics, their understanding of Science, and their participation in their Social Studies inquiry. Time needs to be spend gathering all their work and reflecting on where to place them on the rubric. It is now that I am grateful for the time I spent documenting all of their participation as their performance is not always evident in the product that they have produced.

This week Friday we have a PA day (day of professional activity), a day that has been set aside by the school board for reporting. On Friday, I will be setting out to school like every other work day. The day will differ to the norm, however, in that I will not have any children in my classroom. Instead I will have the chance to work uninterrupted and do my best to make as much headway as I can with the first term report cards.

This week I am grateful for upcoming PA. The day will give me the opportunity to do as much as I can on reporting and thus lessen the personal time I use to complete the task.

What have you been grateful for this week?

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