Grateful for Quiet

My class this year is chatty … very chatty.

They chat as they are getting ready to come into the class.

They chat when they should be reading quietly on the carpet.

They chat when they are doing the Math question of the day.

They chat when I am giving them a lesson.

They chat during Show & Tell.

They chat when they are doing their activities.

I don’t mind that they chat. I do mind, though, when they should be listening. I do mind when the noise level rises to an unbearable point. ‘Whisper’, I tell them. ‘Work instead of socialising’, I tell them.

Yesterday it seemed as if they had received the message. I am not sure why (the music? the Santa colouring page?) but yesterday my class worked quietly. When they were helping one another with their tasks, they whispered. Otherwise they were focused on their task. What a pleasure! I am hoping this continues so that I can do some individual reading and actually hear what the child is saying!

This week I am grateful that my class is learning to control their desire to chat non-stop.

What have you been grateful for this week?

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Laura wrote on gratitude during Words of Gold

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19 thoughts on “Grateful for Quiet

  1. I like the idea of the Children being chatty Colline, much like birds in a nest, all alive and filled with childish enthusiasm, it really is a good sign they are enjoying the classroom environment, just my thoughts Colline.


    1. I don’t mind chattiness Ian – especially when they are helping one another, or socialising when they have a craft to do. I do mind, though, when it gets too loud that it disturbs thought – or they are chatting and not doing their work. 🙂

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  2. Reading the title, I thought you were grateful for reaching the quiet of another weekend, Colline. 🙂 I hope you don’t still have a lot of Christmas preparation to do. A lot of it is unavoidably close to the big day, isn’t it? Then you can collapse 🙂


    1. So much better when you can have some quiet during the week too Jo. I am so impressed with my class this week – they worked quietly every single day. I am wondering if it is whether my class clown has decided that he should start to follow the rules a little 🙂


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