A Pentatonix Christmas

As you all know, my daughter is a huge fan of Pentatonix. And this time of year, she loves to play Christmas songs (she had to hold herself back from playing them before Halloween 🙂 ). She was ecstatic when she saw that one of her favourite groups had released a new Christmas single: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. 

I do admit that I love it too – I have always enjoyed listening to Christmas hymns. I like the way that they have modernised a hymn that I grew up with. On the same album (That’s Christmas to Me), they have the single That’s Christmas to me. Beautiful!

Another traditional Christmas hymn they have redone is one of my favourites: Angels  We Have Heard on High: 

And who could resist The Little Drummer Boy

They have so many other favourites on this album. I am thinking I need to get it to put in my daughter’s Christmas stocking ….

Are you currently listening to Christmas songs?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2016

(This post has been inspired by the approaching Christmas holidays and my daughter who loves listening to Christmas songs)


12 thoughts on “A Pentatonix Christmas

  1. Listening now! Our family likes it! Thanks for sharing. We love Christmas music and will soon take our boys to their first Transiberian Orchestra Concert. Pentatonix is cool though! I had heard them before but never Christmas stuff! Thank you to you and your daughter for sharing the modern excitement of the Christmas season with us in FL!


  2. Thanks for that enjoyable introduction to Pentatonix Colline, they do a wonderful job on the Christmas Carols, your Daughter has a fine ear and good perception in music it seems.
    Kind regards and Best wishes.


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