Grateful for New Floor

img_0408As I have stepped into my classroom during the past week, I have admired the new, shiny floor. It has certainly given my old room a face-lift. In order not to scratch the floor, the old chairs that do not have protectors on the legs, have been taken out of the room by the caretaker. After a week, the only marks on the floor are those that have been made by the movement of children as they go about the business of doing their daily activities.

This week I am grateful for the new floor. Even though the children no longer pay attention to the new look, the memory of the old floor still lingers in my mind.

What have you been grateful for this week?

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Laura wrote on gratitude during Thanksgiving

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4 thoughts on “Grateful for New Floor

  1. I enjoyed reading of your new floor Colline, it made me realise just how much such simple things can actually brighten up ones day to day activities, in years to come you will be able to look back on the marks that can’t be removed from little feet who walked that floor.
    I have a seat that is marked with the imprint of a little hand, my Granddaughter a few years back when she was three, I could clean it, but enjoy seeing it every time I sit, a simple thing like your floor yet something to cherish and appreciate.
    Kind regards and Best wishes.


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