Say Yes!


A word that should be so easy to say. And yet at times we hesitate. We hesitate when saying ‘yes’ takes us out of our comfort zone. We hesitate when we need to learn something new. We hesitate when we think others will laugh at our efforts. We hesitate when we fear we are not good enough.

And yet this is when we should agree to the challenge. Saying ‘yes’ can open doors for us and bring along new opportunities. Saying ‘yes’ can help us get out of that rut that we find ourselves in. Saying ‘yes ‘can help us grow in ways we thought would not be possible.

Our hearts beat a little more rapidly. We spend moments in bed lying sleepless with worry. Thoughts and fears whirl around in our heads. And yet once we have committed to making the ‘yes’ a reality, we often realise that it was the right thing for us to do.

I look back to all those times in my life that I said ‘yes’ to the big things in my life: my first teaching job in an unconventional school, working on a curriculum development project, buying my first place, getting married, having children, moving to another country. All these events in some way have had a large impact on my life. If I had not said ‘yes’, my life would have taken a different path.


A word that should be easy to say. A word that can bring about life-altering changes. A word that can help us grow.

What have you said ‘yes’ to that has changed your life?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2016

(This post is linked to Stream of Consciousness SaturdayThe prompt is: yes)


10 thoughts on “Say Yes!

  1. I believe saying no is as important as saying yes. The hesitation is good for calculating risks. But I also believe it becomes a problem when people find themselves stuck in a routine and unwilling to make changes to their lives to pursue true happiness or chase their dreams.


    1. That is certainly true. It is hard for those people who always say yes, to say no. The best is to think about why we should say yes or no, and how our answer would best benefit ourselves, our family, and the community in which we live.

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