Parent Interviews

Report Cards are to be sent home this week and parent-teacher interviews will take place. In order to accommodate the parents’ working schedule, I offer slots before school and late after school. Yes, it does mean I need to leave home earlier – and that I reach home later. The result will be that I will not be able to blog this week (my blogging time is early morning). Interviews begin today – and every 8am slot this week has been taken!

Enjoy your week and I will connect with you all on Friday.


12 thoughts on “Parent Interviews

  1. Colline–
    Prayers for you as you meet each family and discuss the children in the class with those that love them most. What an amazing teacher you are to admittedly tell us of the hours you teach and that the writing will wait. Love ALL our teachers too. Love, jenn


    1. Thank you Jenn for your prayers. Some interviews are easy but some are difficult as I try to express the importance of a child practising what they are learning at home. I am always hoping that the parents understand what I am trying to explain.

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    1. It all depends on the app roach to the parent, the difficulties the child is experiencing, and the reaction of the parents. In the real world it is not always an easy situation.


  2. Those can be stressful for both parties. Depends on the communities, of course. I think the worst ones are the over-privileged areas where the hectoring parent wants to know why their lazy little so-and-so isn’t excelling in everything.


    1. With parents such as these it is best to show them the proof and to show them what you are doing to help their child. Thankfully I haven’t had a parent who is unable to listen to reason.


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