Grateful for an Active Mind

As I am sitting in front of my laptop preparing what to write this morning, my mind is swirling with thoughts. I am thinking of the day ahead (I am to present to my co-teachers today), I am thinking of what I wish to do in my class during the forthcoming weeks, I am looking ahead to our plans for the weekend, I am thinking of the new president of the US.
While all these thoughts fill my mind, I realise what it is I am grateful for – an active mind. I am thankful that I have these thoughts whirling in my head; that my thoughts are clear and unfettered by illness or drugs. With these thoughts I am able to think of what I wish to do and who I wish to be. It is with an active mind that I am able to live out my life on my own terms.
What have you been grateful for this week?

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Laura was grateful for soft comforts

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13 thoughts on “Grateful for an Active Mind

  1. Thank you for the reminder. A clear mind that actually works in our favor, is something that is so easy to take for granted. After spending time with veterans suffering form PTSD and TBI, I am more grateful than ever before in my life for my ability to think clearly. I think I’m going to meditate over this today. Thank you. Have a wonderful day.


    1. Your comment makes me thankful that I have positive thoughts and experiences whirling in my mind. It would be difficult to cope with soul-destroying experiences constantly replaying in my mind. As a society we should be more aware of the struggles experienced by those suffering from PTSD.

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    1. Alzheimer’s is particularly scary as a person looses their memories and the links to their thought processes. It must have been hard for you to see someone you dearly love experience that. My condolences on his passing Madhu.


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