A Changing Classroom: October

Many of the sights in my classroom during October were Halloween inspired. Before the Halloween-themed activities were explored, however, we spoke of Thanksgiving and thought a little about what we were grateful for.

We also discussed what we ate for the meal we shared with our family. It was a wonderful opportunity for the children to learn relevant vocabulary in French.

Even though the classroom had still not been painted, I put up a few Halloween decorations in the room.

Many activities were Halloween inspired.

The activities, however, were driven by our inquiries on Fall and about ourselves, as well as our daily activities.

October ended with the classroom filled with excited children wearing their costumes. We got a little work done – but not too much.

Working Witch. © Colline Kook-Chun, 2015

October has been a good month filled with learning. I now look forward to the month of November and the changes Room 1 will experience.

thechangingseasons challenge

What changes has October brought for you?

(This post is inspired by Cardinal Guzman’s Monthly Challenge: The Changing Seasons in which bloggers post pictures of the same location throughout the year. The location I have chosen to focus on is my classroom.)

10 thoughts on “A Changing Classroom: October

  1. It lovely to see what you have been doing in your classroom during October. I loved seeing the children’s work and all the French vocabulary. Awesome!


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