Grateful for Teaching Opportunity

This year I have been appointed as one of the PORs (Person Of Responsibility) at the school. The school admin (principal and vice-principal) would like us to focus on doing professional development (PD) for the teachers at our school. Our first goal for this year was to go paperless for our Curriculum Night – which is happening next week Thursday. In order to do this, we organised a day during which teachers attended one of three sessions to learn how to create a Google doc, share it, as well as edit another person’s work. My colleague did the presentation and I helped people with the tasks she set out for them.

So far the workshop sessions have had positive feedback; and I have had a few people come to me for extra help. It is exciting to see people embrace the new concept enthusiastically and wish to take it a step further to enhance their teaching and assessment practice.

This week I am grateful for the opportunity I have had to help organise these sessions for my colleagues, as well as to help teach them. I am also grateful for the vehicle through which I can share my practices.

What have you been grateful for this week?

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27 thoughts on “Grateful for Teaching Opportunity

  1. Schools are notorious for the amount of paper they use. How many times have we received handouts at workshops, only to never look at them again. Going paperless with your PD is a great idea!


  2. Congratulations Colline. I have been a POR for 18 years. The position has gone through several name changes. I can’t wrap my head around this latest name. At our school people still refer to us as chairpersons.


    1. Now I know whom I can ask for advice 🙂
      It is a little exciting to be able to do a little extra for the teachers in the school. I am guessing, though, that what we do as PORs depends on the vision of the admin.

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  3. That is great news about the new position Colline, nothing like a new one to boost your confidence. Paperless is great.
    I am grateful that I finally got my book published and now I can more on to my next project, whatever that may be.


    1. Thank you Michelle. This is a start. I know the admin wants to cut down on photocopying as well. I am doing my best to follow her wish – it means creating more centres and activities that include games and writing on boards with white board markers. Each year I aim to use less paper.

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  4. My Son’s school has adopted a site called Show My Homework which allows both the students and the parents to keep abreast of the tasks in hand. It does take a while for all the Teachers to embrace the idea but they’re getting there 😉 Electronic Maths homework has been the norm since the school started, so every one is used to that now.


  5. I LOVE Google Docs! They are so easy, useful and save time and stress. Been using them for years, but lately the schools I’ve worked for have also implemented Docs, as well as Drive. If you want to learn more, or have other teachers interested in Google Drive, I’ve created a mini-course for beginners. See here:


    1. We are in the process of teaching everyone at our school how to use the Google applications and are currently working on the second session in our planned series. Many teachers are quite excited by what they can do with it.


        1. No. I tend to learn what I need to as I need it. The help section is good to use. I will look into these courses and maybe do them once the school year has slowed down a bit (March maybe? 🙂 )


          1. As teachers, it never seems like it really slows down… perhaps just enough to catch your breath before things get rolling again. Haha.


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