Grateful for the Printed Word

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This summer while I have been on vacation, I have read many novels: favourite authors, preferred genres, fiction and even non-fiction, unknown writers (to me). Many pages have been turned and enjoyed in the last 6 weeks. As I reflect on what I have read, I realise that the enjoyment I get from reading was not always possible. I think back to the days when most people were illiterate and when books were not so easily attainable. So much changed with the advent of the printing press and the Industrial Revolution. I am grateful for these changes as they ensured that in modern times we learn to read and are able to buy/borrow copies of books that we are interested in. We read so much in our daily lives now that it is hard to imagine that there was a time when the majority of the population could not read.

This week I am grateful for the printed word as it brings me so much pleasure as well as knowledge. I am grateful that Johannes Gutenberg came up with the idea of the printing press, and that the machine has evolved into what it is today.
What have you been grateful for this week?

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Lavender Ladi was grateful for dirty pants.

Laura was grateful for the hidden sky.

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14 thoughts on “Grateful for the Printed Word

  1. I am also grateful for the printed word! I have three books in the works – trying to finish up this weekend – and glad you have been able to read a bunch in the last 6 weeks – 😉


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