Weekly Coffee Share: Last Week of April

weekendcoffeeshareGood morning and welcome. If we were having coffee, I would definitely tell you that I cannot believe it is the end of April already. This month has gone by so quickly – unbelievable!

If we were having coffee, I would open the box of Girl Guide cookies I received from one of my students. She offered them to me yesterday and I haven’t had one yet. I am sure one will be a tasty addition to our warm beverage. Warm beverages were what we were reaching for at the beginning of this week. The temperatures had dropped and the unending drizzle chilled us to the bone. The caretaker of our school had to restart the furnances as the classrooms were extremely chilly. Brrr!

Monday was World Penguin Day and our school celebrated in style (remember, our school mascot is a penguin). We began the day with a penguin march in our neighbourhood: all the children and staff, wearing penguin hats, simulated the annual march of the penguins. Spirits were not dampened by the wet weather – though our paper hats did get a bit soggy! Our assembly later in the morning was all about things penguin. The school experienced a live virtual classroom and had a chance for questions to be answered by experts from the Toronto Zoo and the Vancouver Aquarium. Near the end of our time with the Vancouver Aquarium, the penguins woke up and two were brought in for the children to see. What fun!

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2016
A Penguin Hat. © Colline Kook-Chun, 2016

This week my daughter turned sixteen. I find it hard to believe that my baby girl is growing so quickly. I remember bringing her home after giving birth as if it were yesterday. Now she is growing into a young woman. It is nice to see her confidence growing and to see her spreading her wings a little.

The weekend looks to be a little warmer – thankfully the rain stopped on Thursday. My husband and I are on our way to Ikea. We have plenty of shopping to do!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a good week.

What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2016

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37 thoughts on “Weekly Coffee Share: Last Week of April

  1. The penguin themed Monday at school sounded like a lot of fun. The kids must love penguins, but how can one not love those cute, furry-friend birds. The penguins must have wanted to be a part of penguin week with the class and so woke up 🙂 Hope you have a good time in Ikea. If I were having a drink with you, I’d tell you that my parents brought me a stuffed monkey all the way from Malaysia for my birthday 🙂

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    1. Penguins are our school mascot Mabel – and you see them everywhere in our school. We call the kids penguins, and they receive penguin awards for a job well done. And any item of clothing that is found and has a penguin motif on it, is bought and worn. 🙂
      Our trip to Ikea was sucessful: we arrived early, finished our shopping early, and had a tastu lunch before returning home.
      Now those stuffed monkeys are cute. Do you have a collection of them?

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    1. They often surprise me Amy – like the boy in my class who gave me the penguin he found in his Kinder egg a couple of weeks ago. He instsited I put it on my computer 🙂


  2. Penguins are a favorite of my daughter’s so much so that she adopted one in Dublin Zoo. I cant believe she will be 30 this year and married in August this year so our coffee chat would be full of wedding preparations , birthdays, penguin s and books.


    1. That is an exciting stage in both yours and your daughter’s life. I remember preparing for my own wedding – so much to do! Good luck with the preparations.


  3. Thank you for the coffee. 🙂 I would tell you that I’m sorry I missed World Penguin Day. I love penguins. Someone once asked me what my spirit animal would be if I had a spirit animal, and I didn’t hesitate to say, “Penguin!”


    1. They are the cutest animals – and so hardy. The Emperor Penguin is amazing. We once watched a documentary on them and we were amazed by what they do to proctect their eggs in the bitter cold.


  4. Celebrating your school mascot is a great idea. We need to learn more animals in our world. I find it hard to believe it is May all ready. This year has gone fast. I used to sale Girl Scout cookies and buy some whenever I see them being sold.


  5. Yay for the Penguins!!! I was reading another blog earlier in the week by a woman who live in Africa and she was writing about visiting a beach that is home to many local warm weather penguins. Wouldn’t it be neat to see them wild like that in their own environment?!
    Our furnace is turned off for the rest of the year and this week we needed it too! Unless it gets very cold, I’m afraid they won’t turn it back on so it better warm up quick.
    Happy birthday to your daughter! My baby is 17 so I understand your feelings of “where did the time go?!”


    1. They won’t turn the furnaces back on – they feel it should be warm now. Monday saw me wearing my jacket the entire day in class! That is the problem with being in a north facing room 😦
      Stay warm.

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  6. Those penguins sound like so much fun. They’re such cute little critters. I live in Australia and thought you’d appreciate a link through to an Australian colony of fairy penguins on Kangaroo Island in South Australia http://www.kipenguincentre.com.au/penguin-tours.php I went on a penguin spotting tour there at night probably 20 years ago now. Loved it. Kangaroo Island is one of the best places I’ve ever been in Australia but I haven’t been to Ayers Rock or the Great Barrier Reef.
    Hope you have a great week.
    xx Rowena

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  7. hope your trip to Ikea was fun – I like their stuff – but the one near us always has food that is not kept the hottest – or maybe we go too late! yes, it is always later in the evening when we go – but I will never eat there again –
    anyhow, the penguin day (mascot celebration) sounds fun for school spirit and – and happy b-day – sweet 16.


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