Teaser Tuesday: Delusion Road by Dan Aker


Delusion RoadThis weekend I began a book recommended to me by my teenage daughter. The previous week had seen her sitting on the sofa, squeezing in minutes between her homework assignments, to read Dan Aker’s Delusion Road. The novel has been nominated for this year’s White Pine Award, an award given by the Ontario Library Association

In the story we read of Willa Jaffrey, a beautiful and rich girl who is dating the perfect guy and looking forward to a fabulous senior year. We meet as well the mysterious Keegan Fraser, a handsome new student who wants no part of the games everyone plays at Willa’s high school. Despite a rocky start, Keegan and Willa gradually become closer, even as Willa’s carefully constructed universe begins to fall apart.  And while Keegan helps Willa deal with some hard truths, Willa has no idea that Keegan’s past holds the darkest of secrets—and it’s about to catch up to him.  Someone is looking for Keegan and his family and is getting menacingly close to finding them.

My teaser for this novel comes from the first few pages:

“You’re giving me ultimatums now?”

“If that’s what it takes.”

“What happened to till death do us part?”

“That’s exactly what I’m afraid of.”

“Look, no one suspects a thing. I was careful.”

His mother laughed at that last comment. That’s what it sounded like anyway. Later, he would wonder if it was something else – a choked sob maybe – and he would wish somehow that he could be sure. It was the last sound he would ever hear her make.” (p 2, Harper Trophy, Canada)

I have completed the novel now and, like my daughteer, I found it difficult to put down!

What are you reading this week? Feel free to share a few sentences from the book in the comments. 

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2016

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