A Wholesome Breakfast

I wish to go back to the diet I followed before I had my children. My diet at this time consisted of whole foods and a minimum amount of bread, meat and diary products. Getting back to work after being a stay-at-home mom has slowly moved me towards the easier options of eating bread for lunch and snacking on sugar-laden and factory-made treats. The result has been weight gain and a feeling of fatigue I believe is not only a result of my work, but also a result of what I am putting in my mouth. Getting back into the correct way of eating does take time and it is something that is to be done in stages. My first step is to eat fruit only for breakfast. This is no hardship for me as I love the juicy, sweet taste of this food.

Every morning I now eat a bowl filled to the brim with fuit. I eat until I am full. I eat until I no longer feel the pangs of hunger. My body is still adjusting to this meal in the morning (instead of cereal or porridge) but I know that there will be a time when this bowl will be enough until it is time for me to eat lunch. I now eat a snack at first recess (around 10am) when the children do and it consists of a fruit: a banana, an apple, or even a pear. The drawers in my desk are now empty of granola bars and I plan to keep them that way.

What do you eat for breakfast?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2016

(This post is linked to Five Minute Friday. The prompt this week is: Whole)

23 thoughts on “A Wholesome Breakfast

    1. I have also realised that the choice in what you eat is also important. Many of the prepared foods here are loaded with sugar and preservatives – more so than in SOuth Africa.


  1. Hi, Colline, the food drew me over here! Gotta ask, does the fruit fill you up enough? I do love me some fruit (and I’m mom to a self-proclaimed 7 year old fruit-itarian), but what do you do for protein? So great that you are changing your lifestyle for the better. Keep going, sister! Visiting from FMF, your friend in spot #37.

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    1. An unknown fact is that all fruit and vegetables do have protein in them. I do eat other food groups – but not until after eleven.
      The fruit does keep me filled for a while and, when I am hungry, I eat another fruit. For breakfast I normally eat two oranges, a banana, a pear/apple, some berries, grapes and a little of another fruit. I am hoping that in eating this breakfast again, I will be on the way to cleaning out my body.


  2. A very good post Colline, a timely reminder for me as I now need to change my eating habits, especially Breakfast, your dishes are appealing and also refreshing, fruit appears to be a staple for the start of the day.
    Kind regards.

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    1. It is when I am busy teaching – with a fruit as snack during the first break time. Over the weekend I tend to eat later on in the day and then eat an early lunch with my family.


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