Sans Inspiration

As I sit here in front of my laptop, my mind swirls with all the things I have committed myself to doing within the next month. I think of my class and the activities I wish to plan for the new inquiry on Living Things. I think of the Demonstration Class I am involved in with our school’s library teacher and how we can make the class a fruitful expeerience for the teachers who come to observe us. I think of the Kindergarten Orientation that I have offered to help plan and arrange for the month of May. I think of the plans that are currently being made for next year and the various ways in which the classes may be divided.

As I think of these and my other responsibilities, I find I am uninspired to write or even think of interesting topics to share. I know that this lack of inspiration is a phase and that it will pass. I know that there will come a time when I will have a moment to think on my blog posts and come up with inspired topics. In the meantime, though, I continue to think on what is in front of me at work and work towards creating a positive experience for the children in my class.

Where do you do to find inspiration?

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9 thoughts on “Sans Inspiration

  1. At this point, I find inspiration from all the things around me; the prompts; current situations; and most certainly, the Holy Spirit. As I sit on the computer at this moment with coffee in hand, I was inspired to write a short story based on a situation that has occurred. At any rate, sometimes I think the breather comes so that we can be inspired differently. New perspectives of creativity come when we are in the midst of doing what we do as well as when we slow down.

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  2. Hi Colline! For my blog posts my inspiration is pretty easy because I plan them out a year in advance. I know the topics and what I want to share. Getting the inspiration to write them is another story. I find I just have to buckle down and do it.

    Good luck with all of your responsibilities!

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    1. That is certainly good planning on your part. I have only ever planned thirty days in advance when I have participated in the Five Minute Friday challenge during the month of October.


  3. This is an interesting topic question I find. I think all people find inspiration in different ways and for different fields. I think inspiration mainly depends on the fields you’re interested in. And the more you delve into it, the more you’ll find inspiration. I’m really interested in challenges of society, history (not really die hard but I like to acquite the basic knowledge about countries and it’s architectural culture, eating, social culture etc.), fashion, science on a basic level, nature, crafting, … and when I learn about one of these topics, it will get me thinking about one of these other topics.
    More concetely I’m inspired by visiting other cities and towns, talking with friends, reading the paper, going through crafting books and reading books when I have more time (you definetly have to read Maus of Art Spiegelman once!), movies, Pinterest and websites or just surfing on the internet or Youtube, … As I mentioned before I’m also inspired very much by your stepson as he has progressive an creative thoughts.
    I think inspiration can comes easily, it can come to you when you don’t expect it, you can have an idea without really having thought about it, but I think it can only happen in two conditions: 1) There should be time to not really being focused on something. I think many people these days and a lot of children lack inspiration because they don’t have enough time or don’t take a moment to just relax and doing nothing in particular. Because inspiration can come when you’re watching outside a train window or resting a bit inside your house. But if your mind is always racing or just watching TV to fill your time, you won’t get inspired. Sometimes it can dissapoint me when you when friends are not creative: when a good friend gave me a bottle of wine as a birthday present or a holiday card with just the printed wishes, this meant to me she didn’t thought further. Of course not everyone is inspired all the time but this brings me to my second point: I think inspiration doens’t always come out of nowhere, even though you’re in a silent, non-active brain thinking mood, but it already has to do with previous thoughts which can get connected so the first thing is to look for other inspiration to find new inspiration or this new thought/idea. This is a circle reasoning it seems but I think it just has to do with practising, being busy with what you enjoy and visualising what you’d like and then inspiration will come more and more easily. And maybe you’ll get inspired now by the answers of your bloggers 🙂


    1. I agree with you so much about the need just to spend time thinking. People these days are rushing from one moment to the next that they forget to enjoy the moment that they are currently experiencing. In addition people hesitate to share. I find at work that there are moments when I am inspired by what a colleague is doing – in particluar one who believes as I do in Inquiry and the Documentation of children’s work. It is often in sharing and collaboration that we can be inspired to do better in our work. Now to write all of this in blig posts so that otheers can be inspired 🙂
      Thank you for your response An-Katrien – I really appreciate it.


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