Five Minute Friday: Alive

Five-Minute-Friday-badgeThere are times when it feels good to be alive. You are reminded of this during the moments you stroll outside and the cool air brushes gently against your face. Today I think of a man who walked outside thinking not of his life, but of his death. I imagine the pain he must have felt, the physical and emotional agony he experienced as he walked down the streets literally bearing his cross. At that moment in his lfe, he would not have lifted his face to see the sun, or breathed in deeply to smell the scent of nature. Instead his thoughts would have turned inward, he would have wished for the moment to end, for the pain and humiliation to be over. And yet even though he experienced pain and physical death, his spirituality remained alive. He still called out to God with his last breath.

Centuries later, this man’s experience is remembered and kept alive in the hearts of many who believe that his death was a sacrifice for their spititual closeness with God. Unlike his birth, this man’s physical death was the event that shaped the lives of many who lived after him. For the Church, and the many Catholics who follow its doctrines, the Crucifiction is the event which shapes their lives, their beliefs, and often their actions. Today we reflect on what Jesus did for us: the sacrifices he made, the pain he experienced. He was a man who stayed true to what he believed even though he knew his actions would end in death.

To all those of you who believe as I do in the Crucifiction of Jesus Chist, I wish you a positive day of reflection. 

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2016

(This post was inspired by the Five Minute Friday prompt: alive)

6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Alive

  1. I am in Awe and amazement every year that Christ, as fully God and fully man, would come with the only purpose of taking our sin to that cross. Suffering in our place so we could live in freedom by His grace instead of His law. Following you in the #25 spot at fmf today.


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